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Come join the family. Many people are doing so.

Contact us about what we can do to help you get the funds you need to pay off the site fees and other bills. Use our website and team to help fill those dates up.

No sign up fees

Free to join us and use our website

Our aim is to take the stress of a private rental away from the owner!
Any owner who has dealt with a private rental is aware of the work involved, which can almost certainly “get in the way” of everyday life:- which is where WE step in!

We do have further, more detailed information which we’re happy to email over to you, so you can make an informed decision as to whether or not McNevin Family Caravans are for you! (We only want happy-owners on board with us! Just email us and we can send it over to you.

Booking Procedures:

We will oversee the entire booking process for you:

  • Answer any initial booking enquiries and deal with pricing quotes
  • Prepare booking forms
  • We use an on-line host to forward booking forms, whereby they can be signed straight away and returned on-line by the guest, we cover the fees for this service.
  • We take the deposit payment from the guest and issue confirmation of booking and the receipt
  • All avenues of advertising are then shown as “booked” for those dates

Guest Payments:

We will oversee all guest payments:

  • Deposit
  • Damage bond
  • Holiday cost
  • Refund of damage bond


We use our own cleaning team, who are all experienced cleaners, and we use our own products which we supply to our cleaning team. They also follow a ‘clean sheet’ and sign off after every clean so we know that everything in the van has been checked ready for the next guests.

  • All change-over clean schedules
  • Payment to your cleaner

Complaints / Damage Bond Retentions:

We all hope it never happens:- but it does unfortunately…. We require every cleaner to submit a quick report to us after each change-over, so any problems with departure are dealt with quickly.

  • We will deal as “first port of call” with any problem arising from the guest on arrival, or any issue your cleaner may discover on departure. This may result in contact with you as the owner if the situation involves repairs etc

“Guaranteed” Rentals

McNevin Family Caravans do not, (ever), attempt to “predict” any guaranteed rentals. Every season is different and as we operate as transparantly as we can for our owners – we will simply NEVER guarantee any potential predicted rental income. All we CAN do, is assure you we will do the best we can to promote your property and help towards those fees!

Using Your Holiday Home!

By “coming on board” with us by no means = you can’t use your own Holiday Home!

Just let us know when you want to use your Holiday Home, or let family or friends stay and we can show the dates as “unavailable” for rental – please do remember this is YOUR Holiday Home!!

We’re here to help meet those site fees – but we don’t “own” your Holiday Home!

How much will it cost to list with us?

Nothing. You are not obligated or contracted to stay with us. If you decide this is not for you just let us know, honour our bookings until they are completed the part amicabaly